I’m trying haHow To Create Financial Freedom With Your Jobrd to figure out why people who are struggling for money, hate your job, own your job, don’t feel appreciated for the work you do, you don’t make enough money to live on, and still has too much debt, not paid what your worth, owes too much money monthly in bills, want to create a financial legacy for your family, wish you had more time with family and friends, want to travel more, want to be able to buy what you want without worrying about how much it cost, need I go on?
Why is this?

Why do you continue to make excuses? Like, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have time, but you can find the time and the money to continue to make business rich. Because you won’t learn how make money for you before you say, something doesn’t work, and my all-time favorite excuse is, my job income is guaranteed. As if this the job is guaranteed… Your job can’t be willed to your heirs.IMG_0118

What is it that, terrifies you not to take a chance on yourself as you have done for your job for months, and years?

Every day you’re putting yourself behind your bills, rent or mortgage, car payment etc. A full time job and part time jobs are simply not providing you the promise. Month in month out, year in year out. You keep this madness going.  Even though this makes you sick, pisses of family members or friends. You don’t care, you simply won’t change! Your children could need the money for college, school clothes, etc. and

you depend on your job for this only.fire your boss

As if it’s the only way.
It’s not!

God could be answering your financial prayers

and look at how you return the blessing. By not opening your eyes to see it. Your prayers to be able to take care of your family better, take care yourself better. And you continue to find a reason not to see the blessing. And, you just keep turning away blessing after blessing. Why?  I’m just going to be honest,

we have been taught the wrong way to make a living.How To Create Financial Freedom With Your Job!

We were only taught to make money for business owners, but not for ourselves. What I mean, you make millions for your company and only paid a fraction of what they earn. We were taught to be okay with this. This is modern-day slavery with a paycheck. To me… I’m just saying… If you’re making more money for your job and not yourself, you’re being used as leverage. The thing that gets me, is you’re okay with this. You’re okay with somebody telling me what to do, how to do it, what time to go to work, how much money you’re worth, need I go on. This is madness for men and women.

Now if somebody comes to you and tries to show you a better way, just to show you how brainwashed you are you’ll turn them away. And you continue that same old drama no matter how bad it gets. Everyone out there has been approached by someone who cares more about you than your job, and tries to show you a better way to take care of yourself and help you place your loyalty to yourself.  But you keep your loyalty to your employer. Who will not, and cannot allow you to become who you truly want to be. And you have found peace with this. You get up every day sick hurt and continue to drive money into your employer’s pockets. Your employer gets paid every day you go to work, while you only get paid twice a month. How To Create Financial Freedom With Your Job!Think about it, your employer gets paid every day, you get paid less and get paid less frequent. For instance you may be a cashier who rings up millions of dollars per year for your company, and you allow that employer to pay you less than 1% of what you make for them. But you look at an individual like me and think I’m trying to scam you because I want to show you a better way to take care of yourself and your family. And to get paid what you’re truly worth on a daily basis.IMG_0429

I know, I know you’re probably wondering, who blank does he thinks he is? I’m an individual just like you, my background is corporate America and someone approached me about 10-15 years ago with the same blessings. And just like you, I turned them away, ran from them. Yes, I also turned away my blessings to. This is why I understand what you’re going through, that’s why I’m making this personal so you don’t continue to make the same mistakes yourself. But most of you wont see this as a blessing,

or even an opportunity to change your financial future.

How To Create Financial Freedom With Your Job!

It wasn’t until I educated myself about money. Because I’ve always wonder what did the business owners know that I didn’t. They simply understood how money works. They understood how to take their money and make their money work for them instead of them working for the money. You see business owners look at every dollar as an employee. So they maximize the dollars potential. Every dollar works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, doesn’t take vacations, don’t get sick, don’t ask for time off, always shows up, and never complains, and does exactly what you tell it to do. Business owners use money to control you. That’s why they will throw a five or six figure annual salary at you. That five or six figure annual salary is broken down monthly. And you pay the taxes on the money, they don’t. Business owners use you as leverage to make their money. And to relieve some of the tax burden. Remember no matter how much money you make for them you’re always going to get the bare minimum. And you can’t get mad at the business owner, that’s smart use of their money.

How To Create Financial Freedom With Your Job!There are four ways to generate income. One is an employee which you have no leverage and you are taxed on every dollar you earn. Two, self-employed this means you own your job. You have to work your job to make the money. Now these first two require a hundred percent of your efforts. If you can’t work you can’t make money. Number three is a business owner, business owner invest in people, and those people create leverage. This allows the business owner to make money without putting in hundred percent of his own effort. Unlike employees and self-employed he doesn’t have to be there to make his money. He invested time and money in people who created leverage which equals income. Number four is an investor.  And investor makes money work for money. They take the money they make from business and invest to make more money, this creates leverage which equals more income for them. These four categories are divided into the right and left side. Left side is employee and self-employed are this is the highest taxed bracket in regards to how we earn our money. The right side is for business owners and investors. This side has the best tax advantages for your money and doesn’t require hundred percent of your effort.How To Create Financial Freedom With Your Job!

The good thing is you can learn how to make your money work for you.  And for those people who always say I don’t know a lot of people. Business owners don’t know every employee that makes money with his company. But that doesn’t stop them from making their money. What about you? Do you allow this excuse to stop you from making your money?  If you are, it’s time to stop. It’s time to stop the excuses that you don’t have enough time or money. The longer you continue to make excuses the longer you continues to struggle for money. The longer it’s going to take for you to reach your financial planning goals whatever they may be.

Here’s your solution for you. Stop spending your money to make big business rich. Take your money and look for companies you can make money with their products or services. If you can’t make money with whatever product or service you’re using do not continue to spend money with them if you can. Simple right?

Yes this will allow you more leverage than you think. Great tax advantages,

unlimited income potential,
more time and financial freedom.

This won’t happen overnight. But this will happen over time. If you stop looking at other sources of income as a bad idea. Instead of an investment opportunity for your financial future.

If you took you work income and invest it instead of using your money to continue to make big business rich.

By taking your work income and investing it gives you several advantages. One of the biggest is, since you’ve already been taxed on your income if you invest it you won’t be taxed. So all the gains are tax-free. By taking it and investing it in a business that will allow you to make money with their products and services, while getting all the tax advantages at the same time and unlimited income. There’s a host of investment vehicles and businesses you can use to take your already taxes dollars and invest it for a rainy day or retirement that will allow you enjoy all the gains without being double taxed. How would you like that?

In the famous words of Spike Lee “WAKE UP!” WAKE THE BLANK UP!!! I hate to be in your face about this, but damn. Here we are trying to show you a better way and you keep running away from it as if it’s a plague or something.

first-stepIn conclusion, I have covered all the pains of why you should change how you spend your money. You also read that big business uses you for their leverage income so the owner of the company doesn’t have to put in a hundred percent of his own effort. You should now understand how to make this work for yourself. I’m going to leave you with this. You don’t need thousands of dollars to create a six figure income. You can create a six figure income over time with less than three hundred dollars. Because if you invest in a product or service you can share and make money with you killing two birds with one stone. Because you’re not putting in tens of thousands of dollars you going to have to learn a few money concepts to help build a team  of people who want to

reach the same income goals so everyone can reach freedom together.

My question for you is what does freedom mean to you? Please feel free to comment and share.

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